Guitar & Bass Lessons & Classes

Guitar & Bass Lessons for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Whether you want to learn to entertain your friends by the campfire, play in a rock band or just play for your own enjoyment, our program will guide you along the path. Some of the many styles we offer include rock, folk, blues, jazz, country and classical. You will learn guitar chords, scales and phrasing, as well as guitar techniques such as bending, vibrato and improvisation. You will also develop skills in rhythm guitar accompaniment and reading music notation.

Material for students is selected with the goal of enhancing the student’s natural capabilities while making concepts fun and accessible. Our instructors are proficient in different musical styles and can accommodate a variety of interests and goals. What makes our approach unique is that our students begin learning about all aspects of guitar from the start, including improvisation, arranging, note reading, chords, scales, and more.

What Makes our Program great

Our program is designed with your needs in mind! Additionally, our methods are implemented studio-wide, so regardless of which instructor you have, you can be assured that the learning experience you’re getting is up to standard. All of our instructors are vetted for not only their musical knowledge, but their ability to develop a strong with students. We seek to ensure that students are matched with teachers who can inspire and engage, and we follow-up to be sure the chemistry is just right!

All of our educators are exceptional at what they do- making music fun while providing the best atmosphere for musical growth.

Each teacher works with students to set attainable goals and customize students’ learning experience to their needs. 

Let’s Play Music & Make Art has worked hard to develop a learning environment that provides robust group programming and community for optimal musical growth.

Our experience shows that wehen students make music with others, their enthusiasm soars, they practice harder, and they are much more likely to be successful with their musical goals.

That’s why in addition to private and group lessons, we offer rock bands, choral groups, and more for students of all ages and all levels and frequently perform together at local family friendly community venues. 

Celebrate your musical progress and wear your accomplishments proudly with our Music Mastery Levels! During the first two years of lessons, students can earn wrist bands when they reach music goals on their instrument or voice. Students have opportunities to earn multiple promotions as they move through the levels until they achieve Gold Level status. 

Our studio offers semi-annual recitals, participation in local competitions, band shows, and fun performance opportunities! Participating in recitals and competitions help students gain confidence and work harder to achieve their musical goals. Sharing your hard work and musical talent with others boosts confidence!

We’ve spent years developing our lesson program into the best it can be! Our methods have been proven to bring students success and help to develop a love and appreciation for music. Our lesson program has been repeatedly voted best in the greater Derry and Manchester area and our methods are published worldwide.


Let’s Play Music & Make Art has been offering excellence in music education in the Southern, NH community since 1993. Our family run studios in Manchester, Derry, and Hudson NH offer a creative, fun and encouraging learning environment for students to succeed in their musical education. We don’t just offer lessons, we offer a vibrant musical community with opportunities for students to grow and fall in love with music! 

Academic Performance

Proven to improve all around academic performance as well as increase grade average.

Cognitive Development

Music education can help to develop discipline, patience, memory, and critical thinking skills as well as prevent cognitive decline.

Gain Confidence

Let’s Play Music & Make Art creates a safe environment where growth, creativity, confidence, and social skills are nurtured while having fun!

Enrollment is simple and easy! All of our lessons and classes are open enrollment, which means you can join at any time as long as there is an available spot. 

We offer lessons and classes all year round and have availability Monday – Saturday. We understand that life is busy… That’s why our office works with you to try and find the best possible time and day for you.


To enroll, simply give us a call at (603)425-7575 or fill out or Enrollment Request Form

We teach all students more than just simply how to “play” their instrument. We provide all students (beginner – advanced) with a well-rounded music education while fostering creative expression and music appreciation. Lessons incorporate music theory, technique building, ear training, and overall musical understanding. All students are encouraged to participate in our additional programming (theory classes, recitals, ensembles, & more), created to enhance students’ musical growth.


Students also get the opportunity to play and perform songs and styles of their choosing right from the start! From Disney classics, to pop, to rock, we will make sure you’re working on pieces that interest you! 

  1. Place the focus on a fun, encouraging and positive experience with your music lessons.
  2.  Make music with others! Group programming brings a fun and social aspect to lessons and greatly enhances skill level.
  3. Play styles and genres that interest you. Learning material that you are not passionate about can be boring and discouraging. Be sure to communicate your preferences to your instructor.
  4. Set goals. Having a goal to work towards, such as, performing in a recital, learning a catchy riff, or participating in a competition greatly increases playing level.
  5. Work with your instructor for tips on how to make practicing fun and productive.