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Let’s Play Music & Make Art has been offering excellence in music education in the Southern, NH area since 1993. Our family run studios in Manchester, Derry, and Hudson NH offer innovative, supportive, and fun learning environments for students. In addition to private lessons, we’ve created a vibrant musical community. We have numerous ensembles, bands, and choral groups where our students can enhance their performance technique while making music with others.


We have your needs in mind, so you can expect a well-rounded education with room to accommodate your unique goals and aspirations. Additionally, our methods are implemented studio-wide, so regardless of which instructor you have, you can be assured that the learning experience you’re getting is up to standard. Each of our instructors are vetted for not only their musical knowledge, but their ability to develop a solid rapport with students. We believe it’s important for students to learn from teachers who can inspire and engage, and we follow up with each student to be sure the chemistry is just right!

Private & Group Lessons for Kids, Teens & Adults


Guitar & Bass

Voice & Singing

Trumpet, Trombone, Brass

Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet



Rock Bands

Musical Theater & Choral Groups

Programsfor Students

Joining group programs at Let’s Play Music is a great way to raise students’ playing level while they benefit from the fun of making music with their peers. Our experience shows that when students make music with others, their enthusiasm soars, they practice harder, and they are much more likely to be successful with their music goals! We work hard to ensure that our program provides a fun and educational environment for students to expand their creativity and abilities. 
teen rock band

Rock Bands

We have over a dozen rock groups that meet weekly to accommodate different ages and playing levels. Because these bands meet frequently, students learn quickly how to play with others while developing performance skills and social opportunities. In addition to community venues, we feature our bands at our annual showcase and at the New England Music Festival.

All Let’s Play Music students are welcome to join a band at any time! We have many rock bands that meet throughout the week that vary in age, skill level, and musical style. All instruments are suitable for a rock band. Ask our office to find the perfect fit for you!

Teen Choir Performing in Derry NH, Manchester NH, Hudson NH

Choral Groups & Musical Theater Classes

Let’s Play Music vocal groups are run by our experienced vocal and musical theater coaches. Students who participate in vocal ensembles participate in performance opportunities throughout the year. These fun and dynamic groups teach students the art of performance while they hone their vocal technique.

Student Music Recital at Let's Play Music & Make Art, LLC

Let's Play Music Recitals

Let’s Play Music offers bi-annual recitals in the spring and fall. All Let’s Play Music students are encouraged to perform. Our recitals consist of a variety of ages, skill levels, instruments, and music selection! 


Participating in recitals and competitions help students gain confidence and work harder to achieve their music goals. Showcasing students’ efforts and musical talents boosts confidence greatly.


Having a goal to work towards, such as learning, memorizing, and perfecting a piece of music for performance or competition significantly increases students’ technique and playing level.  Performing for an audience also gives students an incentive to really polish a piece of music and experience immediate feedback for their achievement.

New England Music Festival & Competition

New England Music Festival & Competition

Annually, on the first weekend of April, Let’s Play Music participates in the New England Music Festival & Competition held at the Boston-Newton Marriott. This weekend-long event features over 800 contestants from the New England. Region. This event provides a fun and supportive environment for students to grow musically while showcasing their talents in competitive and non-competitive categories. The weekend features solo, duet, and groups and is open to all ages!

What Makes Our Program Great?

Award Winning Lesson Program

We’ve spent years developing our lesson program to deliver the best possible results! Our methods have been proven to bring students success and foster a love and appreciation for music. Our program has been repeatedly voted best in the greater Derry and Manchester area and our methods are published worldwide.

Convenient Scheduling

Our lessons and classes are open enrollment, which means you can join the fun any time! Our program runs year-round with availability Mondays through Saturdays. We understand that life is busy; that’s why our office works with you to try and find the best possible time and day for you!

Vibrant Music Community

We prioritize creating a learning environment that provides dynamic groups optimal growth.

Our experience shows that when students make music with others, their enthusiasm soars, they practice harder, and they are much more likely to be successful with their goals.

Professional & Fun Instructors

All our educators are exceptional at what they do- making music fun while supporting students’ learning objectives.

Each teacher works with students to set attainable goals and customize students’ learning experience to their needs. 

Music Mastery Achievement System

Celebrate your musical progress and wear your accomplishments proudly with our Music Mastery Levels! During the first two years of lessons, students can earn colorful wrist bands when they reach music goals on their instrument or voice. Students have opportunities to earn multiple promotions as they move through the levels until they achieve Gold Level status. 

Recitals & Competitions

Our studio offers semi-annual recitals, participation in local competitions, band shows, and local performance opportunities! Participating in recitals and competitions help students gain confidence while developing their musical goals.